God is totally amazing and yet our hearts do not always feel that we can trust Him. The way we think about God greatly affects our response to Him. Our “Godview” may move us into His intimate presence…..or it may push us away.

The short chapters in this study pose the question, Can I really like God? And if so, how can liking and knowing God help transform me to be more like Him?

This study is appropriate for growing believers as well as those disappointed with God. It is also user friendly for those considering God who have never considered Him before.

Participants who went through this study said:

Our Awesome God study has offered a platform to go beyond superficial conversations that are dull and lackluster. It opened a door to our own hearts and minds in the light of the power of God's love shown in Jesus. It helped us to see each other with more hope and patience and it structured our Bible study in a meaningful, humbling, and fruitful way. —Timothy

I have appreciated the opportunity to be a part of the Our Awesome God Bible study. The use of images and heart-oriented questions helped create space to connect with God in my inner being. The questions and images facilitated vulnerable connection in our Bible study group, helping us to enrich and sharpen one another in our journeys to know more of who God is, without pressure to see Him a certain way. —Rachel