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Resources related to: humility, integrity, faith, servanthood, teachability, submission, leadership, moral integrity and sexual purity

Resources related to: knowing, loving and becoming like Jesus Christ, depending on prayer, authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures, experiencing the transforming power and leading of the Holy Spirit, Kingdom gospel worldview, vision for all peoples and nations, community and spiritual generations

Resources related to: developing safe environments, working with as part of a team, using the Word of God, developing disciples, understanding your design and life management

Intercultural Resources will help you gain skills and raise awareness about cultural differences.

Improve your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and proficiency in accommodating cultural differences and being sensitive to cultural values, bias and racialization by exploring links to these featured movies, videos and articles.

McFarland USA chronicles the story of Coach Jim White, who created a cross-country running team in the dusty town of McFarland, CA, transforming the lives and spirits of the immigrant families who live and work there.

Rent the movie today and learn what it is like to run the race of life for Hispanic immigrants in the U.S.