This 8-audio series is guaranteed to deepen your understanding of Jesus' teaching on the kingdom.

  1. The Rule of Heaven
  2. The Rule of Heaven in the OT
  3. The Beatitudes as Gospel
  4. Beyond the Righteousness
  5. Beyond the Righteousness Part 2
  6. Power of the Word
  7. How to Become a Disciple
  8. Disciplines for the Spiritual Life

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Leadership Videos

Need fresh ideas for developing your team? Check out our core leadership videos, discussion questions, Bible studies and applications.

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John Lynch, Leadership Catalyst & TrueFaced Author

Desiring to please God is surely a good thing. But sin is deceitful and can twist our good desires into traps of legalism. View this 5-minute clip of John Lynch talking about the trap behind a good heart desire.

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L&D Video Series

Host a Webinar!

Recruit friends!
Use one of the Learning & Development Video series to stimulate discussion!

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Ray Vander Laan

Look at discipleship from a different perspective as you learn about the rabbi-disciple relationship in the time of Jesus. Ray Vander Laan, a pastor and tour guide of the Holy Land, is an engaging and compelling speaker who will transport you into the Galilee Jesus knew, raising the bar on discipleship. Read More →

Find a Senior Staff Member Near You

Experienced, willing, and available Navigator senior staff are offering their skills and experience to help you in many areas of life and ministry!  Check out the map to search by location or search by skill set.   Read More →